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"Established in loving memory of one of the first therapy dogs used in the delivery of Samaritan Evergreen Hospice services, Callie's Fund specifically addresses pet issues in relationship to hospice patients and their families. It is used to help hospice patients' pets and pets that are in the Samaritan Evergreen Hospice Pet Therapy Program.

Callie was a frequent visitor to hospice patients and their families in their places of residence. Callie died in January 2011 of cancer and many of her favorite families encouraged the establishment of a fund in her memory.

The newly established Callie’s Fund will support hospice patients through the Samaritan Evergreen Hospice Pet Therapy Program. It will help families become proactive about the care of animals when a loved one is facing death; encourage students to study issues around domestic animals in family crisis situations; create service opportunities for community volunteers; and subsidize boarding fees, supplies and adoption fees as needed for low income families."

This fund will also be used to pay for the ongoing needs of therapy dogs on service and may be used for various needs such as assistance with veterinarian fees, supplying pet food and supplies for needy patients and families and supplying pet care needs for those visiting the hospice house.

The Samaritan Evergreen Hospice Staff have frequently gone out of their way to assist and donate to our patients and families to provide for their pets, as well as rehoming animals whose owners have died. Callie's Fund is an extension of the generosity shown by those hospice workers.

To find out more about how Callie's Fund will be used, click here to access our presentation.


Living life to the fullest!

We made sure to spend time in the field every day, and even though she was sick, the cold water didn't bother her a bit. Honoring her heritage as a bird dog, we have a tradition of making sure our dogs get their "last bird" if at all possible. She played hard and worked hard, seeing special hospice patients until the day before she let us know it was time. Callie has taught us many life lessons along the way and won't be forgotten.

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