Options for veterinary care when it comes to accidents or illness continue to expand. These more advanced treatments do come at a cost. One consideration is applying for pet insurance, which we now have on several of our dogs. If you do decide to get coverage, sooner is better than later, as all policies we have found have pre-existing exclusions. Our dogs have been covered through Pets Best and Healthy Paws and if you use one of the links below to sign up, you will receive a 5% discount.

Read more about the pros and cons of pet insurance.

When considering the option of pet insurance, those at ConsumersAdvocate.org have developed a resource guide examining 15 companies that provide pet insurance. In reviewing and researching, they found discounts pet owners should be aware of, summarized different coverages, and even provided a calculator to estimate a pet owners monthly rate. 

After researching for insurance coverage for our own dogs, we have opted to cover some of our own dogs through Healthy Paws. Click on the Healthy Paws logo or here for a quote with a 5% discount off of your premium (not available in FL, HI, MN, or TN).

Pet Insurance

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We have had good luck with Pet's Best insurance coverage for accidents and illnesses (wellness coverage is also available). To get a quote, click here.