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Golden Retrievers


Goldens are an active breed, needing consistent physical exercise as well as mental stimulation to stay healthy. They love to play, fetch, swim and run. Don't expect them to be couch potatoes from puppyhood. Obedience is important to consistently train and there are many dog sports including nosework that can be fun to play with your dog. We aim to breed dogs who are suited for many purposes, but their biggest desire is to be near their people. Expecting them to entertain themselves outside without supervision will end up in boredom and you will end up with a new landscape and probably a lot of destruction. Bored dogs can get just as creative inside the house if left to their own devices for hours on end. Also, that beautiful coat? Well, shedding is almost a year round situation, so you'll want to make sure you have a good vacuum on hand. They often live 10-12+ years, sometimes longer. If you take home a puppy, you had better darned well commit to that lifespan. Enjoying a sugar face companion is a gift. 


10 Reasons Not To Get A Golden Retriever


The Morris Animal Foundation has enrolled 3,000 goldens to be part of the most groundbreaking study ever undertaken to improve the lives of dogs. Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study tracks volunteer dogs’ health for life in order to gain insights into preventing and treating cancer and other canine diseases. Thank you to those who have entered their puppies in this important study. The study is approaching year ten later in 2022.

More information on goldens here.


The very first place to start is to read through our FAQ page and then submit an application to find out if one of our puppies would be a good match for you.


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