Puppy Owners


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After doing our Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test, along with observing puppies over 8 weeks, we match puppies with families depending on their traits. Puppy deposits are non-refundable, unless your gender preference is not available from the litter. If you choose to take a puppy from a future litter, your deposit can be applied to a puppy from a litter up to 12 months in the future. 

Due to the possibility of disease transmission, we do not allow any visitors until the puppies are ready to go home with you.  It is vitally important they remain healthy. The puppies are socialized with puppy socializers starting at an early age. I will keep you updated with photos and video as they grow. We also have a Facebook page for the puppies, SBR Puppy Page. Please be aware you will have you disinfect your hands and shoes when you do arrive to pick your new puppy.

For those of you who are unable to pick up your puppy when he or she is ready to go home, we can arrange to keep him or her for the period you need. You will be charged a boarding fee. Please note, the remainder of the balance due on the puppy must be paid in full at the time they would be ready to go home, even if you will be picking the puppy up at a later date.  

For those who choose to fly their puppy home in cabin, we have many resources available and tips on making arrangements and flying with your puppy in cabin, as we have flown with our own puppies. We also will send you home with puppy packs for the flight.