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"My newest Search and Rescue partner (field bred Golden Retriever) came from Sutter Bay Retrievers. Tracy and Tellus are wonderful, responsive breeders, not only before and at time of purchase, but throughout the life of the dog. The puppies are well socialized and stimulated from birth on, and health is a major consideration. I highly recommend them!"

                                                             Monica M.

"I just got back from Sutter Bay Retrievers. What an amazing two days at Tellus and Tracy's house. They made us feel welcome and even fed us dinner and wine each night. I had read alot of posts on Waterdog about what a great guy Tellus is and they are certainly right. It was funny to watch Tellus and Justin on that week's Waterdog TV with Tellus sitting next to me. Hank picked up his first duck those two days and he got to do a lot of stuff he had not done yet, as we are new to the retriever world, including ducks and marks at about 80 yards. Tellus gave me his opinion of where Hank was in his training. The trip exceeded my expectations and was such a nice experience. With representatives like Tellus and Tracy Calhoun, the future of retriever sports seems golden (following a Hunting Down Cancer Auction training weekend).

                                                                                                    Robert H.


"Tracy, I wanted to thank you personally for bringing Callie into our lives. She brought a lightness into this agency. In the years since I have worked in this agency, I have never seen any being, two legged or four, bring this staff together like Callie did." 

                                 Hospice Staff Member

"We would like to thank both of you for taking such great care of Storm over the past few months. She seemed so happy and looked so healthy when we picked her up. Special thanks to Tellus for spending two hours with us in Sacramento. We all learned so much from him and were so impressed with how he handles so many dogs. Connor and Cassie thinks he is the ultimate dog handler. Thanks again for all of your support. Your love and dedication to your dogs is truly amazing. We will keep in touch and continue to send photos of Stormy girl."

                                                                                   Patty S.

"When we got our CLF "Wonka" from Tellus & Tracy, we weren't just getting a dog, we felt like we were part of the family. Tellus has done wonders with Wonka--his work with her has far exceeded his superb reputation. It's hard to put it into words--but Tellus has a special knack for figuring out what makes each dog tick. On top of this, we have been blown away at how the Calhouns have welcomed us--especially our kids at training days. We are so glad to have them in Oregon! "

                                                                              Brian P.   

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