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Our Boys.


Dillon and Riff are Tellus' primary field trial dogs. Andy and Murphy are our young golden males.

Sunfire's Bright Side JH

Andy joined us when he was one year old. He is an easy going, playful guy who loves the retrieving game and after getting his JH is is now training full time for field trials. He gets along well with all of our dogs, including puppies.



Pedigree and health clearances


DSC_9424 (1).jpg
Calhoun's Luck of the Irish

Murphy is another male from outside lines. He is a softer male, but has a lovely temperament and if I had time, he would be doing therapy work. He gets along with all of the dogs and we often find him wrestling nonstop with Andy.


Pedigree and health clearance                   

Wildfire Dash O' Tabasco MH   05/28/02-07/06/15

Dash will be greatly missed. He was a character who was always helpful raising puppies. Dash's last puppies have just whelped 8/31/22.


Tribute video.


Pedigree and health clearances


There Goes The Neighborhood

Riff-Raff is Dillon's younger brother. He is an easy going guy, has fit well with all of our dogs and loves to retrieve. He has been running field trials in Open and Am.


Pedigree and health clearances


Deal Me An Ace 

Dillon was Tellus' primary competition dog, running Amateur and Open field trials. He has recently retired. He weighs 70 pounds. He has seven Open points this year and has one pass to finish his Master Hunter Title.



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