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Therapy Dogs


Caring volunteers facilitating compassionate healing, learning and connection through certified therapy animals.


We are proud to have joined Project Canine as our organization for participating in pet therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy (also known as AAT, dog therapy, or pet therapy) is the use of trained canines to provide a therapeutic benefit (psychological, physical, or educational) to multiple humans in one-on-one or group settings. AAT is sometimes provided under the guidance of a therapist, medical practitioner, or educator, but it is also often provided more casually. The therapeutic value of dogs in any number of settings is increasingly well-documented, though most of us know how healing a little dog time can be without ever reading an academic journal.


Project Canine's Connecting Canines program was started with the goal of setting the gold standard in AAT team education, training, certification, and outreach. All of our teams receive hands on training by experienced trainers. After completing the certification process, all teams are covered by our liability insurance for volunteer therapy dog visits. All teams must recertify every two years. Project Canine is the only program that requires continuing education as a part of recertification. We offer puppy certifications and puppy partnerships, as well as special endorsements for experienced teams. For more information about Project Canine, visit their website. Tracy is also  a licensed Instructor/Examiner through Project Canine, and was selected as their first breeder in the Puppy Partnership Program.


During her time working for Samaritan Evergreen Hospice, Tracy helped develop pet visitation policies for the Hospice House and helped to establish Callie's Fund. 

JJ's great niece Ember has joined Tracy at Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care. Ember is looking forward to providing a lot of love and support to our new team.



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