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Our Girls.

Calhoun's Get The Party Started RATI 

Ember is one of our fourth generation Shylah daughters and lives up to her registered name in anything she does. She passed her first therapy puppy certification exam at 5 months old. She has taken over the role as Head Puppy Nanny and can be found trying out Barn Hunting, field training, and dock diving activities. She has been an incredible mom. Ember is 22" at withers and weighs 67 pounds.

Pedigree and health clearances                        Gallery

Grapevine's Have You Heard The Latest

Rue is our girl from outside lines. She is an easy girl to live with, loves people, and has the right temperament to do therapy work down the road. We hope to be able to use Dash's frozen semen on her in 2022.  Rue is 23" at withers and weighs 70 pounds with substantial bone.

Pedigree and health clearances                        Gallery

Calhoun's Mayhem on a Saturday Night

Yo-Yo is another fourth generation Shylah daughter, who loves to retrieve and enjoys the people around her. We look forward to watching her grow up. Yo is 22" and weighs 63 lbs.


Calhoun's Raise Your Glass

Tia is our Ember daughter from October 2021.


Calhoun's I'm Not That Kind of Girl

Trixie is from Rue's first litter, whelped Thanksgiving 2021. She is a clone of her mom.


20210506_181255 (1) (1).jpg
Calhoun's Diving In

Splash is our third full sister who has had some amazing puppies in the past several years. She loves to retrieve, is athletic, and has a great temperament. Splash is 22" and weighs 62 lbs.


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