Avidog, helping dog owners and breeders raise great dogs.


Avidog combines science, art and over 40 years of dog breeding experience to create, develop and present puppy rearing courses, programs and equipment for puppy owners and dog breeders. Their goal is to help people raise healthy, stable, and fit dogs.

Since joining Avidog, we have added new standards and protocols to our breeding program, enhancing how we raise puppies.


Avidog’s Puppy Evaluation Test is the current standard for temperament testing pups.


We recognize there is no perfect puppy. Instead, through observation of puppies over 8+ weeks and through APET testing, we are able to match puppies to their new homes. Read more about APET.

For those interested in finding an Avidog Associate Breeder, find the list here.

For puppy and dog owners:


The Puppy Potty Training Solution course is a complete house-training and crate-training program for dogs of any age but with emphasis on puppies. Ebooks, videos and weekly office hours support new puppy owners as they teach these important skills to their pups.

We use and follow PPTS here with our own puppies.


Finally, the safe, fun, science-based exercise programs for puppies and owners. This 28-page, paperback book lays out the keys to getting and keeping your growing puppy fit from 3 weeks to 15 months of age. Written by leading canine sports medicine veterinarian, Chris Zink DVM PhD DACVRS and longtime breeder, Gayle Watkins PhD, this book gives you what you need to plan your puppy’s exercise program.

BONUS! You’ll also get free exercise videos and a free email course with the purchase of the book! Look for the URL in the book!



Feeding the Active Dog

Learn our 8-part strategy to safely feed your active dog during this period of dog food challenges. This class covers the basics needs of active dogs, based on sport, as well as how to meet those needs today.

Supplementing the Active Dog covers nutritional supplements that all dogs should be on, plus supplements specific to sport and working dogs.


Caring for Senior Dogs covers everything owners need to care for their older dogs, from nutrition through fitness, and more.


Rehab isn’t just for injuries! In this webinar, we’ll cover how rehab can help injured dogs recover, improve performance in competition and working dogs, and help our senior citizens.


Managing Arthritis in Dogs covers osteoarthritis, including diagnosis and treatments, from nutrition to supportive care.


In this class, Drs Gayle Watkins and Laurie Larson discuss how breeders and puppy owners can determine when to vaccinate pups based on the use of vaccine nomographs and titers.



Fit For Life is an ongoing canine fitness program with regular assessments so members can tailor a progressive program for their dogs. Members can enroll all of their dogs for one low price. FFL has programs for puppies, adults, seniors and geriatric dogs.


Avidog Breeder College Platinum Membership

The leading professional education program for dog breeders! This membership covers preparing for a litter, handling the breeding, and raising the litter. Special focus on tailoring a breeding program to produce healthy, stable puppies and matching them to their ideal homes. It includes all six breeder courses, all breeder classes and webinars, as well as semi-monthly live calls, new content, and personal contact with us through office hours and a private Facebook page.



Avidog-Zink Ventures (AZV) uses technology to bring online canine fitness programs to dog lovers around the world.


 Avidog helps busy dog owners and breeders cut through the reams of online information to raise and enjoy healthy, fit, stable dogs.


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