Avidog, helping dog owners and breeders raise great dogs.


Avidog combines science, art and over 40 years of dog breeding experience to create, develop and present puppy rearing courses, programs and equipment for puppy owners and dog breeders. Their goal is to help people raise healthy, stable, and fit dogs.

Since joining Avidog, we have added new standards and protocols to our breeding program, enhancing how we raise puppies.


Avidog’s Puppy Evaluation Test is the current standard for temperament testing pups.


We recognize there is no perfect puppy. Instead, through observation of puppies over 8+ weeks and through APET testing, we are able to match puppies to their new homes. Read more about APET.


For those interested in finding an Avidog Associate Breeder, find the list here.

For puppy and dog owners:


We are excited to announce the roll out of Avidog's Puppy College

Avidog’s Puppy College is the complete puppy-raising program that takes you through the first year you have your puppy. This is a huge value for new puppy owners, especially during pandemic days.

Not only do you get a complete, self-paced, online training program, but also weekly coaching to help you over puppy hurdles.


The Puppy Potty Training Solution course is a complete house-training and crate-training program for dogs of any age but with emphasis on puppies. Ebooks, videos and weekly office hours support new puppy owners as they teach these important skills to their pups. This is included in the Puppy College.

We use and follow PPTS here with our own puppies.


We do everything we can to raise stable and confident puppies in their first 8 weeks of life. After that, it's up to puppy owners to take the reins. While we can provide some basic support, we aren't puppy trainers. We are happy to be able to provide our owners with different options of support through Avidog.


Courses available for new puppy owners, including Avidog's newly released Puppy College.



 Avidog helps busy dog owners and breeders cut through the reams of online information to raise and enjoy healthy, fit, stable dogs.

The website has a lot of information, webinars, online classes, and more.