** There has been a huge number of people contacting breeders during the quarantine because of COVID-19. While many think it would be a good idea to raise a puppy while they are home, normal ways to socialize puppies and participate in classes are not available. Impulsively trying to find a puppy is not something we would ever encourage or be a part of. Puppies become lifetime family members and need thoughtful consideration when adding to the family. 


We currently have a full wait list for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 for our Golden litters


You may try our Avidog Associate Breeders list and GoodDog.com, but know many of us have a long wait list, which is actually good for our puppies in finding the right homes. **

It's our goal to raise healthy and happy puppies that grow into well adjusted family companions; many who develop into hunting and/or competition partners. Several of our dogs participate in therapy work as well.


Links for specific information can be found on our Puppy Info page. There is a wealth of information on our Resource page on many different topics and we continue to add to it over time. You can see how we raise puppies on our Facebook page JJ Hospice Therapy Dog Puppy Page. When we do have litters, we intermittently live stream during their 8 weeks with us here



We have been selected as Project Canine's first breeder for their Puppy Partnership Program. Learn more here. Our puppies participate in the Pile of Puppies program and make visits to our inpatient hospice facility as a part of their early socialization prior to going to their new homes. We are proud to be an Avidog Associate Breeder as well, helping us to produce happy, well adjusted and healthy puppies. Our goal is to produce puppies for multi-purpose homes including field, performance, therapy/ service, or active pet homes.