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"Canine Comfort. A Day in the Life of JJ Hospice Therapy Dog."           


June 2013, Willamette Living (page 22)

"Een hund die troost biedt (A dog offering solace)." 


October 2014, Golden Nieuws (The Netherlands)

"For The Love of Callie".


February 2015, Spot Magazine

"Golden", in memory of SRS Triangle C's Pure Gold MH MNH QAA, Goldie.


June 2007

"A Final Comfort: Canine companions connect with patients at Samaritan Hospice" (also picked up nationwide by the AP).


January 15, 2014, Albany Democrat-Herald

"Editorial: Photos cast light on a topic we'd all rather ignore."


January 15, 2014, Albany Democrat-Herald

Lander and Tucker calendar shots by Denver Bryan.



Tucker, DU cover boy, July 2000.



Compilation of Tellus' SRS events.



Lander, 2006 Hunting Labs calendar cover girl.


Photo by Denver Bryan

"Hospice grant helps with animal issues." 


April 2012, Oregon Animal Health Foundation.

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